2 - 5 years

Dino is a cute dinosaur who, thanks to his special functions, will become the inseparable friend of his son, a game that he will always carry with him at all times. Play cheerful sounds and melodies and create ingenious situations with Dino. Record the voice with a simple key, transform it in a funny way and reproduce it, an effect that without a doubt will leave the children speechless. The dinosaur also moves! Press the button, Dino opens his mouth and lifts his legs. 
This dinosaur is also ideal to keep your baby in the company at night, within reach of the hand on the bedside table, thanks to the function of the lantern, with its beam of light that will allow you to see the best in the dark. The dinosaur Dino the toy that will make young and adults passionate, a sweet t-rex talking.

  • Dimensions
  • Dimensions
  • 15 x 16 x 8 cm