Kory Essential i-Size car seat

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Installing the Kory Essential i-size car seat is extremely easy. You can opt for the installation with the Full 360 i-Size base (purchased separately) or only with the 3-point car seat belt.
The Kory Essential car seat is equipped with an air ventilation system, with holes designed on its shell. They allow better air circulation in the back of the seat, ensuring your child's comfort during trips.
The canopy/sunshade of the seat offers protection against UV50+ rays and is waterproof, protecting the child from the sun, wind and rain. Also, the hood has a window to be able to view the child during the trip.
The Kory Essential I-size car seat is equipped with a special reducer called Energy Absorber Reducer, which offers additional protection and comfort for newborns. It is approved for use from 40 to 60 cm high.
Very important! The position of the newborn with this type of adapter/reducer has been tested and validated by a team of paediatricians. The study carried out by Prof. Massimo Agosti and Prof. Luana Nosetti from Insubria University demonstrates Chicco's commitment to ensuring the safety and comfort of children.
Validating a position for newborns is particularly important, as it helps prevent the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The study carried out by Prof. Massimo Agosti and Prof.
This validation adds an additional level of confidence in the use of the reducer for newborns and confirms the fact that it contributes to the comfort and safety of the child during walks. With the Kory Essential i-Size car seat, you can be sure that your little one travels safely and comfortably in the first months of life.

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