3 in 1 Safari Golf & Marble Track

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2 - 5 years

Marble track and golf with 3 different configurations, ideal for playing alone or with a friend, both indoor and outdoor.
  • 3in1 configurations: open track (up to 2 meters), closed track (70 x 52 cm) and mini-golf.
  • 11 pieces included.
  • It includes 3 colored balls and 2 clubs for little hands ideal to promote accuracy and the development of fine motor skills.
  • Modular and easy to set: combine the track parts as you prefer to outline your favourite path.
  • Play indoor or outdoor, alone or together with friends and parents.
  • The components of the track and the clubs are made of 80% recycled plastic from industrial residues.
  • Our packaging is recyclable and the paper that we use comes from responsibly-managed forests.

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Challenge your friends

Challenge your friends

Play alone or with friends and parents.

Open track

Open track

Combine the elements of mini golf to create an open course layout up to 2 meters long!

Closed track

Closed track

Combine the mini golf elements in a closed configuration and start playing with the ball sliding from the tree!



Freely combine the parts of the course to play mini-golf.

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  • 70 x 52 x 13 cm