Mini Umbilical Dressing Kit

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The Mini Kit contains 3 pre-cut sterile non-woven fabric compresses; the compresses central cut facilitates the dressing of the umbilical stump. It contains also 3 pre-cut elasticised tubular bandages.
. Includes two kits containing pre-cut sterile compresses and tubular bandages.
. Contains 3 pre-cut compresses and 3 elasticated tubular bandages.
. The sterile nonwoven fabric compresses are made easier to use thanks to a central cut for the dressing of the umbilical stump.
. The elasticized bandage allows you to fix and remove the dressing easily.
. It does not squeeze or irritate the skin, allowing normal transpiration.
. Elastic and easy to use

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Pre-cut Gauze

Pre-cut Gauze

Transipiring Gauze

Transipiring Gauze

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Mini Kit

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Umbilical Belt

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