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The Physio Chicco silicone teat adapts perfectly to the baby's mouth and respects the natural sucking movement. Made of extra soft silicone, the Chicco Physio teat perfectly simulates the mother's breast, offering the baby a comfortable feeling that facilitates acceptance. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, Chicco's Physio Silicone teat favours the peristaltic movement of the tongue during sucking. Available in 4 different flow variants, the Physio teat adapts perfectly to all bottles of the PERFECT 5, Well-Being and Original Touch series.
Accepted by 9 out of 10 children
Acceptance rate in the target age of 0-2 months: 98%

Correct Attack an Peristaltic Movement: Chicco's Physio teat has a symmetrical, elongated and flattened shape to simulate the mother's breast reshaped by the baby's sucking: elongated and enlarged to promote the natural peristaltic action of breastfeeding.
Extra Soft Silicone - Soft Sense: The special Soft Sense finish of the Physio teat makes it soft and velvety. A sensation reminiscent of mother's skin for an even more natural comfortable sucking.
Approved by Children: The shape of the teat adapts to the baby's mouth according to 95% of mothers. ACCEPTED BY 98% OF CHILDREN(Age 0-2 months. Consumer test on 450 children in Italy, 2019.)
Compatible with PERFECT 5, Well-Being and Original Touch Bottles: The Physio teat fits all Chicco PERFECT 5, WELL-BEING and ORIGINAL TOUCH bottles. When used with the PERFECT 5 bottle, the bottle breathes from the base, letting air in through Equilibrium Membrane valve. When the teat is fitted to a Well-Being or Original Touch bottle, the anti-colic valve at the base of the teat prevents teat collapse and ingestion of air, helping to prevent colic, regurgitation and ensuring regular and relaxed breastfeeding.

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