Mild Mint Toothpaste

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Does not damage milk teeth, thanks to the non-abrasive formula.
Enriched with Betaine and Vit E to protect gums.
Flavour ideal for kids.
A blend of fresh spearmint and fruity notes meets growing kids’ taste.

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Chicco Baby Oral Care Toothpaste Range | Cute Smiles Today, Healthy Teeth Tomorrow

Introducing the Chicco Oral Care collection, formulated to safeguard your little ones from plaque, cavities, and abrasiveness.

Chicco Mild Mint Toothpaste | Cute Smiles Today, Healthy Teeth Tomorrow

Chicco Mild Mint Toothpaste comes with the refreshing flavours of minty freshness. It contains age appropriate levels of fluoride for kids aged 6+ years.



The chicco toothpaste does not scratch the enamel and boasts of an extremely low Relative Enamel Abrasivity (REA) Index.

Natural care against cavities

Natural care against cavities

Contains Xylitol-A natural extract which helps in sanitising the oral mucosa does performs an anti-bacterial action helps in preventing tooth decay.

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