Physio Soft Silicone 6-16 m (1 piece)

6 - 16m

With active teat that favors the correct development of the mouth of the baby: it favors the natural positioning of the tongue and evenly distributes the pressure of the tongue on the palate.Like the breast: the base of the pacifier is soft and rounded, and allows the lips to rest comfortably, avoiding the risk of accumulation of saliva that causes irritations.


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Physio Soother

By Osservatorio Chicco

How to PhysioForma Soothers support baby's breathing - pacifier - Chicco Lebanon

A thin, concave shape that points upwards: leaves room for the natural position of the tongue.

Ventilation holes

Ventilation holes

They allow air circulation, preventing the gathering of saliva.

Extra Soft and Gentle

Extra Soft and Gentle

One piece construction, it's completely soft and does not bother the baby even when he is sleeping.

Breast-like base

Breast-like base

It allows the lips to rest comfortably.

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