SPF 50+ Mineral Sun Cream Very High Protection

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The efficacy of this cream is given by the presence of mineral UV filters which act as a reflective shield for immediate protection from the sunrays. They are in fact reflected, preventing the skin from absorbing them, reducing the risks of sun exposure.
Its formula is a water-in-oil emulsion (W/O), in which water is dispersed within the fatty part, thus ensuring resistance to water.
The emulsifiers used are of natural origin, very suitable for the protection of baby’s skin thanks to their delicacy.

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3P Complex

3P Complex

Enhanced photoprotective 3P Complex that protects against UVA, UVB and the effects of Infrared rays Tested on sensitive skins • Water resistant

Parabens free

Parabens free

Phenoxythanol PEG

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Sun Protection

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