Baby Steps Activity Walker

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9 - 24m

With this "first steps" the child begins to walk in time twist!
Helps Baby to stand up and take its first steps in complete safety. All baby has to do is to hold onto the toy, start walking and the toy immediately starts playing a fun tune which stops, as soon as baby stops, encouraging it to move a few steps more. It's also an activity center with games, lights and fun sound effects.With this " first steps " the child begins to walk in time twist !

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Baby Steps Activity Walker helps child to take their first steps at the rhythm of the music.

Activity Center with lights and sounds

Activity Center with lights and sounds

Baby Walker

Baby Walker

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Safety Notes

For internal and external domestic use only.
Warning! This product is not suitable for children under the age of 12 months.
It is recommended to wear a protective device.
Before use, please read the labels, warnings and instructions indicated on the product packaging carefully.


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