Edu Globe

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2 - 6 years

The first educative & interactive globe-friend to learn Geography.
  • Meet Jacob, the talking globe! He is the child’s best friend that guides them in the discovery of our beautiful yet fragile planet
  • Discover continents, meet animals, eat delicious foods, visit wonderful monuments and travel aboard of many means of transportation, from motorbike to submarine
  • Inspired by Montessori method: develop logic, sequence, spatiality and memory skills
  • 12 triggers to interact with: press interactive areas on the 6 continents and Oceans to learn many facts about planet Earth
  • 12 animals to meet: discover new animals from all continents
  • 300 + sentences, quiz and songs about the planet
  • Listen to the songs about each continent: each land on our Planet has its own rhythm, Edu Globe lets you travel also through music-styles and music-genres

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3in1 Play Modes

3in1 Play Modes

1. FREE MODE: Discover animals & continents
2. SEQUENCE MODE: Learn sequences by travelling among continents
3. QUIZ AROUND THE WORLD: answer to all the questions about planet Earth

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  • 30 x 22 x 25 cm